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“His effects are cool, but his presentation and demeanor are what impressed me most.” Lauren K, Spanx Inc.

Whether you want close-up magic or a stage show for hundreds, I will leave your crowd asking, “How’d he do that?” I am the No. 1-ranked magician in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, according to Yelp. I have performed for Good Morning Texas and The Learning Channel as well as numerous corporate and private events around the world.

     I believe that experiencing magic is what makes it memorable, so whether I'm doing magic at a cocktail event or performing on stage, my magic gets people out of their seats and involved in the act.

“Sonu was great!  I hired him for a corporate event. He did not just stay on a stage and perform, instead, he walked around and entertained my team up close as well.  He has a great personality and went with the flow.  I would highly recommend him for ANY event.” Anil S, TechMahindra

Great storytellers transport you into their world, making it real, and that is just what I do. Whether delivering a keynote address, sharing a motivational speech at a corporate meeting, or emceeing an event to keep things on track and captivating, I keep the audience engaged from start to finish. I can customize any presentation to fit your theme or corporate message.


     I punctuate my presentations with magic to illustrate certain points and make them more memorable - and as always I get the audience involved, so they aren’t just sitting and listening to me talk, but are part of the story.

“I have hired Sonu Varkey for several events and he is the most unique, creative illusionist I've worked with. He was personable and very interactive. I'd highly recommend him for your next event. Well-rounded guy!.” Helina G, Yelp Inc.

What if you could get 50 people an hour to engage with you at your trade show booth? What if you could create a memorable experience for them that they would forever link to your product? I can help. I can change an ordinary trade show experience into an extraordinary one they’ll remember and talk about for a long, long time.

     I combine years of sales and training experience in corporate America with my magical talents to create an experience with a lasting impact. How? I incorporate your marketing message into a presentation filled with interactive magic. It’s a proven strategy to draw crowds of people to your booth, identify those who are truly interested jn purchasing your product or service, and create a memorable experience that will keep you top of mind.

“Absolutely entertaining! Sonu impressed every person in the room. We left asking, "How did he do that?" Highly recommend for your party.” Ben M, Coppell, TX

Event Emcee

Every well planned event needs an emcee to keep things moving along and on schedule. I can do this for you, interjecting magic where appropriate, to keep everyone entertained and engaged. If there’s a backstage snafu, no problem—I can fill time with entertaining stories and magic and no one is the wiser. As a performer, I am used to thinking on my feet. I'm skilled at rolling with any unexpected issues and making the event appear flawless to the audience.


Schedule a Demo

Because I'm not your average entertainer or speaker and some people just like to know what they are getting before they hit that purchase button, I offer all prospective clients a free, 30-minute meeting. 

     During the meeting I will ask questions about your event and answer any questions you may have. I will do a few magic effects if that's part of what you are hiring me for, and I'll discuss your event and how we can turn it from ordinary to extraordinary.

“Awesome, interactive magic performance! Sonu came to perform for us at our corporate event recently. He was super sweet, friendly and wowed us with all of his tricks! The rabbits were my personal favorite! Definitely check him out for your next party or event!” Chelsea R, Las Colinas, TX
“I hired Sonu for an event and he was amazing! I was definitely speechless at some of his tricks, and our guests were stunned as well! I still talk about his tricks to my friends. He's the real deal!  Hire Sonu! He won't disappoint!” Samantha K, ARI

100% Money-back Guarantee

You don’t have to be nervous about hiring me. If you are not completely satisfied with the service I provide, I will make it right or you get your money back – guaranteed. How can I do this? Communication and Experience. I meet with you before your event to ensure I understand your needs and wants. It’s the only way to ensure we are on the same page. And, I make sure I'm communicating along the way, so I know about any changes and can make sure I deliver just what you asked for.

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